Celebration Entertainment Budgeting Information

Are you working on your celebration entertainment budgeting? JD Productions offers straight forward, attractive packages.


Disc Jockey/Master of Ceremonies

Professional, experienced interactive DJ/MC (includes access to online planning forms and personal consultation to plan the festivities)

$200 per hour

Party Package

Party props:  maracas, tambourines, Hawaiian leis, YMCA hats, limbo pole, hula hoops as desired

No Charge


Projection of custom monogram design with your name and date

Static Monogram $250
Motion Monogram $300

Cake, Dessert Table, & Candy Bar Pin-Spotting

Focused beams of warm, white light illuminate cake to enhance its appearance in person and in photographs

$30 each area illuminated


Classic Dance-Floor Lighting

Revolving multi-color and white disco balls, and flashing blue strobe light


Deluxe Dance-Floor Lighting

Includes Classic dance-floor lighting plus lights that shine down onto the dance floor, walls, or ceiling with multi-color geometric patterns including flowers, stars, crescents, waves, zig-zags, and dots


Nightscape Ceiling Lighting

Transforms a boring ceiling space into a magical nightscape with a vast field of green laser stars and an ever-changing blue nebula cloud for a “dancing under the stars” effect


Ambiance Uplighting

Beautiful wireless LED uplights to provide color accents to walls, pillars, ceilings, and landscape in single-color, mulit-color, or color-changing mode with fade, strobe, and chase effects

$350 to $750

Light Columns

Awesome wireless LED 5’ tall columns of light with single-color, multi-color, color-changing, strobe, fade, and sound activated options for an exciting light show experience

$100 per set of 4


A travel fee may apply depending on locale

Reserving Date

50% non-refundable retainer fee due at signing of agreement (applied towards total fee); remaining balance due day of event

Prices Subject to Change

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