Mitzvah Entertainment Budgeting Information

Are you working on your Mitzvah entertainment budgeting? JD Productions offers straight forward, attractive prices.

Mitzvah prices start at $1195 for up to four hours of musical entertainment.

Although fees are based on scheduled playing time, we easily invest 25 to 30 hours into your event to achieve its overall success.  That time includes such things as consulting with you; preparing a celebration timeline and event sequence; creating a candle-lighting ceremony list; creating trivia cards about the bar/bat mitzvah’s background, hobbies, and interests; scripting introductions and special announcements; rehearsing; communicating in advance with other vendors (venue, caterer, photographer, videographer); music researching; song editing; music programming; previewing the site; traveling to and from your event; and equipment loading, unloading, setting up, tearing down, and reloading (including bringing backup equipment).

You receive a lot for your Mitzvah entertainment budgeting dollars with JD Productions!


Disc Jockey/Master of Ceremonies

Professional, experienced interactive DJ/MC (includes access to online planning forms and personal consultation to plan the festivities)

4 hours $1195
Each additional hour $200

Party & Games Package

Party props:  maracas, tambourines, Hawaiian leis, YMCA hats, and more!

Game supplies:  limbo poles, hula hoops, cups for pyramid stacking, toilet paper for mummy wrap, Buddy Walker® tandem rope skis, Hoppity Hop® balls, Walla Balla® strap-on basketball, Twister® mats, pool noodles, balls, stick ponies, jumbo golf clubs, and more!

No Charge

Mitzvah Cake, Dessert Table, & Candy Bar Pin-Spotting

Focused beams of warm, white light illuminate your mitzvah cake, dessert table, and candy bar areas to enhance their appearance in person and in photographs

$30 each area illuminated


Projection of custom monogram design with bar/bat mitzvah’s name and mitzvah date

Static Monogram $250

Motion Monogram $300

Classic Dance-Floor Lighting

Revolving multi-color and white disco balls, and flashing blue strobe light


Deluxe Dance-Floor Lighting

Lights that shine down onto the dance floor, walls, or ceiling with multi-color geometric patterns including flowers, stars, crescents, waves, zig-zags, and dots


Nightscape Ceiling Lighting

Transforms a boring ceiling space into a magical nightscape with a vast field of green laser stars and an ever-changing blue nebula cloud for a “dancing under the stars” effect


Ambiance Uplighting

Beautiful wireless LED uplights to provide color accents to walls, pillars, ceilings, and landscape in single-color, multi-color, or color-changing mode with fade, strobe, and chase effects

$300 for 12 uplights, $450 for 18 uplights, $750 for 30 uplights

Light Columns

Awesome wireless LED 5’ tall columns of light with single-color, multi-color, color-changing, strobe, fade, and sound activated options for an exciting light show experience

$100 for each set of 4 (up to 6 sets available)

Black Lights

Give your celebration that extra glow with bright ultra-violent lights (a.k.a. black lights) as vibrant colors take on a life of their own!

$150 for four lights, $200 for six lights


A travel fee may apply depending on locale

Reserving Date

$500 non-refundable retainer fee due at signing of agreement (applied towards total fee); remaining balance due two weeks before event

Prices Subject to Change